It can be a thrilling and once in a lifetime experience to ride hundreds of feet above ground. On the other hand, much like any other adventure sport, a ride in hot air balloon comes with fair share of risks. As a matter of fact, there have been several situations when the hot air balloons crashed and resulted to fatality of its riders. So, unless you’re so sure about the safety measures and full protection, you should not ride high up in the sky.

Here are some important things that you need to be mindful about to guarantee the safety of your ride.

Safety equipment

Each and every balloon must have basic safety equipment. Be sure that you gather enough info from reliable and well known sources like expert website and ballooning guides. As minimum, you have to check whether the balloon has parachutes, fire extinguisher and flint spark lighter onboard. The latter is what used to case the flame, which keeps the balloon floating and goes off in mid flight. What the pilot does is relight the flame and avoid crashing it. Fire extinguisher on the other hand is crucial for some obvious reasons.

You must look for a drop line as well. In some other countries, this inclusion is mandatory. A drop line is extremely useful when landing especially if the pilot can’t steer the balloon effective due to mild wind. Because there’s a risk that the balloon may get damage from the ground obstructions, the ground crew uses drop line to be dropped by pilot, which serves as a guide to land the balloon free from the obstructions.


A balloon that isn’t well maintained is never safe to ride. It is crucial to have regular maintenance to avoid unwanted incidents. The most susceptible part of a balloon is the fabric because even a small tear or rip on it can result to disaster during flight. Any such damage has to be repaired immediately.

Aside from that, before getting into a hot air balloon festival ride, be sure that you check the basket. It must be meticulously organized and at the same time, clean. A disorganized basket is a major indication of inefficient maintenance and management.

Be Vigilant

When riding a hot air balloon Arizona, alertness could be your savior. You have to be extra sensitive on objects when flying. Always watch out for poles, masts and electrical lines that may collide with the balloon. At times, the pilot may be focused on one thing and may not be paying much attention on the obstacles. Consider it as your personal responsibility to quickly alert the pilot when facing such situation.

To read more about this, go to http://www.ehow.com/how-does_4696557_hotair-balloon-work.html.


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